How to get mortgage with no money down

For every person, building up their home is the ultimate goal of their life But not every person gets the chance to do so. It is not easy for any person to buy a home with a lump sum amount and give the complete payment in one go so many of them take home loans and pay installments every year. But in these mortgages, they have to pay some collateral because The loan amount is quite large for any bank to give, and giving such a large amount without collateral is quite risky for the bank. In such a situation, many people face the problem of having no Money to pay for the down payment and this is something that limits many people from taking the home of their dreams.

Also, there is no such provision entitled by the Reserve Bank of India from which you can get a mortgage with no money down as payment so no bank will provide you with that mortgage. But, there are some of the methods through which you can get the money to buy or dream house without paying any down payment.

In this article, we will give you a brief about the options through which getting a mortgage with no money down becomes an easy process for you.

How to get mortgage with no money down

Methods to get a mortgage with no money down 

These are some of the methods that are quite unsecured and might cause problems in the long run but if you are ready to take that risk then these tips will surely help you to get a mortgage with no money down.

 Taking loans through unsecured methods

This is one of the less preferred methods as in this case, you will get money in a short amount from multiple resources and pay the whole amount collectively. In such cases, you should not pay the mortgage but you have to pay extra interest to every borrowing.

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 Borrow the amount from your circle

If you can manage to collect the amount from your friends and family then it is better to get the money from them because in that case, you will get a montage with no money down and you can easily purchase your dream house without any problem. New line

 Utilization of your savings

The primary purpose of making investments and savings is to get your dreams fulfilled and buying a home is the main dream of every person so utilization of the investment is one of the best options through which you can avail mortgage with no money down and with a good portfolio you can still maintain your investments with some amount.

In such ways, you can take the money and use it for building up your house in Oregon paying the amount of your property. 


Planning a home is always considered to be efficient and beneficial for a family as it helps them to get a secure part of their life. With enough salary packages and income, you can assure that the loans will get paid but sometimes paying down payment is a major issue for people. With the tips you can fulfill all your dreams and get a mortgage with no money down and even, and you can even save interest in some of the procedures as well.

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