Crypto Batter com Airtel Call Details

Being an Airtel customer, if you want to check your Crypto Batter com Airtel call history then you are at an accurate place. In this article, we are going to tell you all the information about how you can check the call information and call history of your Airtel number. Crypto Better com Airtel Call Details are available in just a few steps. Let’s get all the details mentioned below and read the complete article to know all the details. Bharti Airtel Limited is commonly known as a name of multinational telecom service in India. One of the best and unique features of Airtel is the provider list of calls made in the past in both of your numbers including postpaid or prepaid. You can keep track of all your previous call details.

Crypto Batter Com Airtel Call Details

Crypto Batter com Airtel

If you want to check the call history by USSD code then this is the very oldest and best way to check the previous call history. Basically USSD code is shown as a number With the help of this you can get all the details about the call history, Airtel balance, and numbers of both prepaid and postpaid by dialing just a number.

Go to This Steps To Check Your Call History

Prepaid Numbers- Airtel Call History

In the first step go to the SMS section and type a message EPREBILL___MONTH NAME___YOUR EMAIL ID now send it to 121. Suppose you are looking to get the call history for the August month then you need to write EPREBILL AUGUST. After that you will get a reply from the team on the same message and number along with the password; this is private so do not share it with anyone. You will also receive an email from the team that you have given in your request They will share the PDF format which you can download and save on your device and open with the password that you have received from the Airtel app team.

Postpaid Number- Airtel Call History

Being a postpaid Airtel number customer you just need to follow the given steps You don’t need to email them for anything:

You need to message them and type EPREBILL<space>MONTH NAME and send it to 121.

If you want to take the call history for the month of August then you have to type on the SMS EPREBILL AUGUST and send it to 121.

Once you will share them the Airtel team will send you the confirmation message and after that, you can check your Airtel call details.

Along with there are some special USSD codes with the help of this you can track the balance, same number, and special offer. You want you just need to dial your phone and run into the call section you will get all the details.

*123#– This you need to Dial to check Airtel balance and validity.

*121#, *282#, *121*9#–  To check your Airtel sim number.

*121*1#– To look for a Special offer from Airtel.

*121*2#– To check the Airtel data balance on your number.

*121*3#– To check Airtel recharge with coupon code.

*141#– To go through talk time service and call back on SMS service.

Important points to remember

Some Essential Points to Remember

  • The customer has to recharge within an unlimited plan then they cannot get access to check call history for their Airtel number. Then you can go for Crypto batter call history.
  • The service provider cannot give you the Airtel call details for the running month.

Crypto Batter com Airtel Call Details

If you’ve ever wondered how to access your Airtel call details, you’re not alone. These details include valuable information such as call duration, numbers dialed, and more. Understanding this information can help you manage your mobile usage effectively.

The Importance of Crypto Batter com Airtel Call Details

Knowing your Airtel call details is essential for several reasons. It helps you keep track of your expenses, monitor your call patterns, and even identify any suspicious activity on your phone.

Accessing Crypto Airtel Call Details Online

Accessing your call details online is a convenient way to stay up to date with your Airtel usage. Follow these simple steps to get started. If you prefer receiving your call details via SMS, Airtel provides a quick and easy solution. Learn how to request your call details with a simple text message.

Crypto Batter is a relatively new exchange, and it is not clear how much volume it does. It is important to do your own research before using any cryptocurrency exchange.

Checking Call Details through the Airtel Mobile App

For tech-savvy users, the Airtel mobile app offers a user-friendly interface to access your call details. Find out how to navigate the app and retrieve your information.


How often are call details updated in my Airtel account?

Your call details are typically updated within 24 hours.

Can I access call details for the past months?

Yes, you can request call details for previous months as well.

Is there a charge for accessing call details online?

Airtel may charge a nominal fee for this service.

What should I do if I encounter issues accessing my call details?

Reach out to Airtel customer support for assistance.

Can I access call details for multiple Airtel numbers on one account?

Yes, you can access call details for all numbers under your account.

Is it safe to access call details online?

Yes, Airtel takes security measures to protect your data.


Accessing your Crypto Batter com Airtel Call Details doesn’t have to be a complicated process. With the right knowledge and tools, you can conveniently monitor your mobile usage and stay on top of your expenses. Whether you choose to access your call details online, via SMS, or through the Airtel mobile app, the process is designed to be user-friendly and secure.

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